Friday, 24 March 2017

My €3 Secret Weapon

False Lash Applicator -
Buy It Here
One of the things I hate about myself are my eyelashes, they're incredibly blonde so without mascara you wouldn't think I have any lashes whatsoever and it annoys me so much. During the day a lick of mascara does the job but for any night out I don't feel complete without a pair of false eyelashes and believe me when I say for the amount of times I've applied them I should be a lot better at it.
 Every single time before I put on lashes I say a quick prayer to the beauty Gods and I'm not even joking, I can't tell you the amount of times putting them on has caused me to have a major breakdown and stopped almost stopped me going out, honestly those girls who can put them on with no hassle I salute you. 

I didn't go out of my way to find an eyelash applicator to be totally honest with you I didn't even know they existed until I was scrolling through Boohoo one night doing what girls do, filling up the basket with everything I want to buy and then heading to the checkout and laughing to myself before logging off but this one night I came across these 'falsh lash applicators' and for only €3 I thought shur why the hell not lets just try them out.

When they arrived I thought they were the weirdest looking things ever, kind of like a little peg but when the night came to try them out I was flabbergasted! After applying a layer of 'duo' glue I just went with it, I didn't know if I was doing it right, didn't know if it was going to work but after pushing them on within thirty seconds both eyelashes were on and they were perfect, I had never in my life put on such perfect eyelashes in my whole entire life and all because of this little €3 gem!!

The more I used them the easier they got and it's minimum effort and you can't really go wrong, mark my words they've changed my eyelash appliance life and I love them. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

One Saturday Night

Saturday nights are known as the best nights, everyone lives for the Saturday night and I've come to the realisation that Saturday's ruin lives and are the worst day of the week, seriously!!! Ban Saturday nights!!! Take them off the weekly rota...let them be gone!!!!
 Don't get me wrong not so long ago I was the Queen of Saturday nights, I loved Saturday nights going out, I loved partying and there wasn't one Saturday night where you wouldn't find me bopping around the town. However call it my old age if you must but sorrowfully it's gone rare I leave my house past 9pm on a Saturday night, unless it's to do a trip around the block with my dog. Like I said, I don't whether it's my old age or the fact myself and all my friends now realise that you do actually have to work weekends and not all your wages can be flogged on wild Saturday nights, no matter how much I wish they could      :-(
 Last weekend of course was different as it was Paddy's weekend so there was no choice but to go out and have a few, I mean that couldn't be avoided if you're Irish and if you didn't go out last weekend then you're technically leaving down the country so that doesn't count but it was the weekend before, the Saturday night and having walked the length and breath of Carrick Beg on my own I started to think about Saturday nights and what they once meant to me compared to what they meant now and of course how life can change thanks to one Saturday night, and when you start processing it it's scary!! Or at least it was to me!!

First off lets think of the money, it's a dodgy place to start I know but when I think of all the money I've spent on one night out it's ridiculous. Firstly there's finding something new to wear, buying the tan, getting the hair done. Then depending how big the night is, if it's a big one like a 21st you'll want the make up done so there's €30 flogged to Inglot. Then the pre drinks - I like to drink Prosecco or Malibu so that's another 20 gone and that's just before you leave the house. Then there's taxi's, busses, entry fees, shots and curry cheese chips on the way home all in all you'll spend whatever is on your card and that's the way that is and it used to never bother me.
So what it's Sunday morning and I've just spent my entire weeks wages I'll get paid again on Friday but then you realise petrol, insurance, college, a new car, survival and I'd just flogged €60 on one night out....AHHHHH IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!! WHY YOU SO STUPID LYNDA!!!!!

And that's just the minor stuff what about everything else, It's safe to say I've ruined my life on Saturday nights out, unless we're including college where I seemed to ruin my life every Monday in the Tower, Wednesday in The Foundry and then of course again on the Saturday back home and this is what really struck me last weekend.
On the Friday night life can be great, Saturday morning, still great you wake up happy, not feeling sick, you've money in your purse, you could have a boyfriend or even some lad secretly up your sleeve and then you go out and shit hits the fan. What happens then? you come home wallowing in sin, sick, delving in self pity oh and single with no lad to even text (unless it's an 'sorry I'm not always psycho' and ALL THANKS TO ONE FLIPPING SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!

Then don't get me started on the phones, see them phones!!!! They should be banned from 9pm Saturday nights until 8am Sunday mornings (unless you end up at home house session and don't get to bed until 7am then they're banned until 2pm, or until you're alive enough to realise PHONES RUIN LIVES!!!!!)
There isn't a worse feeling in the world than when you pick up the phone go into your messages and you read the antics you'd been saying the night before, whether you got too trustful, too truthful, too abusive or your blocked it's absolutey shit craic, and then it gets even worse!!!!
 Onto Snapchat you go and see a snap you sent five hours ago had been opened and never replied too WELL FLIP YOU THEN!!!!!!!! ..........then it hits..  WHAT THE F*CK DID I SAY?!!!!!!!!!! 

Then you realise you need to get up because you've about forty minutes to make it into work and as you sit up the room starts to spin....why am I on the Waltzers?!! I didn't ask for a trip to Tramore LET ME GET OFF I HAVE CUSTOMERS TO SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then there's the manager to avoid 'were you out last night' .. Out?!! Of a school night?!! I'd never!!! Only to be smelling of tequila, Jager and even more sin!! 

After a litre of water and two neurofen a bit of sleep and a Sunday dose of Room To Improve things seem to start going okay, ah look maybe it wasn't that bad...we'll live another week..
THEN THE FLASHBACKS START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's that then, you throw up a little pic to Instagram just to let everyone you really don't care about know how good you looked last night and how 'EPIC' everything was, when in reality you're in bed by 9pm, looking like a dog, cradling the fear oh and a bucket snapping out to your real friends about how you're 'Never drinking again, I don't even care' when you know it's going to happen next weekend all over again.

Well, that is unless you're me and have seemed to un optionally giving up on the Saturday night antics, either way Saturday night you've been a blast. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

REVIEW - Sunkiss Selfie Light

Call me vain but I love taking selfies, I think everyone secretly does and as we all know it's all about that lighting. I know grown men who worry about the lighting when taking a pic/video of themselves and unfortunately seeing as though I don't have an Iphone, or a decent camera on my own phone taking a selfie past six o'clock isn't possible becuase all you can see is darkness. Even during the day the flash on my phone is terrible so unless you're pressed up against the window you can forget about Instagraming a photo I can assure you.
 A few months ago whilst scrolling on Instagram (probably looking at selfies of girls who had good lighting) I came across these new selfie lights on SunKiss's account and I was amazed. I knew the likes of Kim Kardashian had lights on their phone cases to give them good lighting and make up artists used ring lights for pictures but a portable one for your mobile phone, was it a bit vain?
Probably but was I going to get one anyway? 100%
I placed my order online on but you can also buy them in Mccabes pharmacy for €14.95 and three days later my little light arrived. It came in a little box with a USB charger and the light and I was seriously impressed with the light. It has three settings so you can choose the light you want and it's so strong I didn't think it would be as bright but it is and it's fab.

Straight away I began snapping pictures and the before and after ones are incredible to look at. Here's two selfies I took one right after the other, the one on the right is with just natural light, I was in a pretty dark room with no flash so it was always going to look crap anyway but the picture on the left was taken in the same spot two seconds later but using the selfie light. I think the difference is so obvious, it's incredible what a little light can do for a picture.
The light itself just clips onto your phone, it goes onto every sort of phone from Iphones to smartphones to tablets and Ipads, it's not something you'd leave clipped onto your phone constantly but for a picture here and there it's perfect and will fit right into your handbag or clutch for a night out. I will admit though it is very
bright so you possibly will get a few odd looks but it wont be long until they see the result and will be asking to borrow it for their own selfies, believe me!!
 Overall I'm seriously impressed and would recommend it to everyone especially those who are keen of the aul selfie here and there.
 It's not something you'd use everyday admittedly but for those days when the lighting isn't great and the eyebrows are on fleek it's perfect!!

Again you can pick one up in Mccabes pharmacy or online at - and it retails at €14.95
Happy snapping :)   

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My Tattoo Wishlist

Tattoos are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them and let me tell you if I was brave enough I would be covered in them. I'm not kidding literally covered head to toe I love them. The fact you can have something you love or is sentimental to you be part of you until you die is amazing and there's very little in this world that you can say will be with you until you die. I understand they're not for everyone but I always wanted one hence why last year in my first few weeks of college I went mad,  bit the bullet and got my first ever tattoo. A little crescent moon on the back of my neck and I love it!! The moon is my favourite symbol and it's something that means so much to me that no matter how old I get I'll never get sick of it or want it removed. I was in and out of the tattoo parlour in seven minutes no joke the hello, the stencil, the actual tattoo and the goodbye in under seven minutes and it was the most painful experience of my life.
In general anyway needles are my biggest fear but I could never have been prepared for the pain I was about to face!!! Maybe I'm being dramatic but I'm yet to bring myself to get another one, no matter how much I'd like them.

The other day in work I started talking to some of the girls about tattoos and how I'd love to be covered in them which is where the inspiration behind this blog post came from, the list goes from sentimental ones to absolute silly ones that no one only myself and close friends will understand whether you agree or not these are what I want and so when I do descend onto the other world if anyone wants to get some of these in memory of me.....yer welcome to do so!!

 I'm not even joking with this one YOLO (You Only Live Once) is a saying I without a doubt say at least once a day and I think it would make the perfect small, jokey tattoo that would sum me and my youth up so well so who knows!! It's a tattoo that if I was to get it would have to be before I turn 25 so there's a four year window for me there *watch this space*

Hand Of Fatima 
I went to Tunisia as a child and since then I've always loved the Hand Of Fatima symbol, it's only in recent years I discovered the real meaning behind it and I fell in love with it even more. For me it represents women empowerment and if pain was no object I'd have it on me right now.

Symbol For Youth
This is the one tattoo that I can see myself getting in the near future the symbol for Youth on my wrist. It has the most sentimental emotion and meaning behind it that I'm hoping by the end of the year I'll have this inked on me for the rest of my life.
The London Skyline -
This one also has a lot of sentimental value behind it and I'd get it to honour my father. My dad was born and raised in London so I'd love this just to show my respect and feel like until the day I die I'd have something representing the greatest man to have ever stepped on earth.

11:11 then everyone has their own little thing behind this time but it's so special to me and I'd love it inked on me. Story has it when you look at a clock and see 11:11 it's the universe telling you your life is aligned exactly where it's supposed to be, it's very small and I love it!!

Space sleeve
Sticking with the Universe, I love space and everything to do with it so if I was ever going to be crazy and get a full sleeve I'd love it themed around space and the universe.
For no reason other than I love it!!

Because simply, what's life without Adventure?

There you have a couple of tattoos that I would love to get and who knows maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage and go about these. I personally always go for small, cute, personal tattoos but I hope maybe this gave you some inspiration to think about what you'd like if you had to get inked. 
Of course there are thousands more that I'd like such as a Buddha, a Lion and so much more but keeping it small and sweet (like my tattoos) that's all you're getting. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I'm Way Too Selfish To Be In A Relationship Anyway

This day last week was Valentines day and for me it was just any another Tuesday. I woke up, got dressed, went to work, came home, watched the soaps and went to bed, absolutely nothing exciting or any bit interesting (like my entire life atm) but for the first time in my life it hit me how single I currently am and for a second I almost didn't like it.
 I usually don't mind Valentines, I personally think it's cute marking a day to show someone you love them but my God this year it did my head in!! I was disgusted with the teddies, the flowers, the stupid love heart bun cases everything annoyed me so much and you know what annoyed me more than anything? The fact I was leaving a stupid day annoy me so much, like seriously get it together!!

Personally in my twenty one years I've never been so single, there's no special male in my life, there's no one I'm talking too, no one I'm interested in and absolutely no one I want to dedicate my rare spare time too and hence the inspiration behind this blog post, how I genuinely am wayyy to selfish to have a boyfriend!!
  (Unless it's Caleb Followill, then I'll be selfless in the do you see how single I am, just to have a cute pic I have to crop my head onto a supermodel...yep) Cute couple though, if only I didn't forget to tan my face ey!!

 I started thinking about relationships a couple of days before Valentines day and how I was on this path, the 20-30 end of my life path that freaks me out so much and it all stems back to my psychological fear of loosing my youth. If it was up to me I'd never grow up but since I turned 21 I became very aware that I was on the track for marriage and kids even though in reality that couldn't be further from what I want but of course this stupid f'ing time of the year started making me doubt all of this and I started to think 'what if I did have a boyfriend though, wouldn't it be nice' HA... NO NO LYNDA IT WOULDN'T BE NICE SHUT UP!!

This 'I want a lad craic' lasted a whole of three days when small little things started to remind me why a relationship is the last thing I want.
The first thing that struck me was when I was lying in bed one night and I couldn't get over how comfy I was, Jesus I can't even describe how much of the height of comfort I was in and then it hit me... imagine some dirty mans cold feet getting in beside me, no thanks!! Like and lets be realistic it's a mans feet so they'd be rank....
 The second reason hit me the same night when one leg rubbed off the other and I realised my legs hadn't been shaven in probably two weeks... Yep! Two weeks ....actually no it was one week on Friday so a week and a half but you get the picture!! I couldn't walk around like a grizzly bear if I had a man, nope!!

The third reason was when I had Sunday off and decided to go on a Penney's spending spree and fleeced myself until this Friday and who cares? I didn't have to buy a stupid present, I don't have to spend money on expensive waxing, I don't have to look nice literally money goes on me and that's the way I like it!!
 On the same note, I don't have to report to anyone none of that shit explaining yourself about how you decided to go and waste three hours of your life walking around New Look like mind your own, none of that thank you!!

My fourth, or fifth (I lost count) reason hit me six minutes ago when I went for the fridge to get myself a glass of Malibu and orange juice and didn't have anyone telling me that I've drank so much Malibu in the past week that I could possibly turn into a coconut who needs that in their life?!! Not me!!

What basically hit me is that I'm in one of the best positions of my life, I'm young, free, I have no big responsibilities, I can do what I want and go where I want with nothing or no one holding me back and I'm very aware that this won't last forever. There will come a time when I suppose I'll have to settle down and share my bed and stop excessive drinking but as for now...
Feck off Love

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Law Of Attraction - Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a very spiritual person and something I have huge faith in is the universe and the law of attraction. I believe that if you want something bad enough and you put it out there (working hard of course) you'll achiever it, but only if it's right for you and it's the faith in the universe that keeps me going. Another thing I believe in is the movement of the moon and how it affects your life and attitude and tonight is extremely special because not only is it a full moon but it's a Lunar eclipse in Leo and with me being a Leo it's something I'm really excited about.
I adore being a Leo, to me it's something I'm so proud of and feel it's so suited to me and my lifestyle so out of every full moon and every Lunar eclipse this is the most special one to me and it's the perfect time to make your own wishes and put them out for the universe.  

First and foremost, what is a Lunar Eclipse? Well the lunar eclipse marks a time for change, the end of an old way of life and the beginning of a new one. They're powerful enough to change the direction and flow of your life and although it may not be the change you've hoped for you'll end up where you're supposed to be. 
''This place may not be where you want to be, or may not be where you thought you would end up, but it is definitely where you need to be.''

Now and then everyone needs to make a wish and with the positive energy in the air why not take the time to put your faith in the moon and give yourself and your wish the best chance at succeeding this new moon.
There's a few simple steps that I do that I just feel give you that little bit more of a connection to the moon and for me the connection I have with the moon is amazing and I have so much faith in her.

The first thing to do is write down your wishes and intentions on a piece of paper but the goal here is to keep them as simple as possible. The more simple you keep them the more chance you'll have them coming true.
''By putting them on paper, you are basically making your own written contract with the universe on what you want''

The second step is to act as if your wishes have already come true, this is where the law of attraction comes into play. Have faith, be positive and believe it's happened or is happening. Seeing as though you've already put it out there it's your time to make the universe know that you believe and of course show your gratitude. Thanks and gratitude is the special key to making wishes come true.
The third and final step is to begin your ritual, where you make your wishes is completely up to you. You don't have to set up an altar or anything like that but if you have any crystals it's a good time to leave them out to re-charge. You can also represent the four elements at this time like a candle for fire, intense for air, soil as earth and water.
 To begin you need a simple phrase...something very simple will do like this one I found online on '“I see the moon and the Moon sees me; the moon will send these wishes to me.”' then read your wishes out loud and blow out your candle. It's so important to thank the moon and then you wait!!
I hope your wishes come true <3 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

First things first 'the key to change is to let go of fear' a phrase that has quite simply changed my life and I'm not even joking!! For me, change was one of my biggest fears, I hate change but two weeks ago a lot changed for me and the weirdest thing is, I wasn't afraid, I was actually ready to embrace it.
 I'm not talking big mental changes here like moving to Bayreuth or giving away my cat, I mean really small changes that will add up such as a shift in my attitude, deleting people off Snapchat and Facebook or even a different hairstyle but I knew one of the first steps for this 'new year, new me' was to completely transform my room and that's what I'm going to talk you through today.

Unfortunately I don't have any before and after photo's of my room but I'll try describe it as best as I can. My room hadn't been decorated in about eight years, it was bright luminous pink with photo's of rugby players, teddies and even some Spanish flags hanging about....It was literally the most childish room in the world and seeing as though I'm 21 I definitely needed the change.
 I got the idea to redecorate my room on the Sunday night and on Monday morning I decided there was no time like the present and began thinking about what way I wanted to style my room. I'm really interested in the chilled, hippy theme so went to Penney's and picked up a few little bits that I thought matched this style.
After the fun part was over it was time to head to Woodies to buy the things you actually need to decorate a room and believe you and me I had no idea what I was doing, I decided to get a trolley because I thought to myself 'that's the first step an adult would take isn't it? They would get a trolley' so that I did and crashed my way through the doors of Woodies, as you do. I decided to then make myself a list which just completely freaked me out and made me question whether or not I needed a new room after all..
- Under paint
- Grey paint
- Wall paper
- Brushes
- Overalls
-Dust sheets
- Lampshade
- Another lampshade
- Curtains
and the list is pretty much endless but once we eventually found the paint we were looking for the struggle started all over again, how much paint does one need? will one tin do or do we need another one? What's this colour like? Is it water or oil based (okay, that last question wasn't asked but we got the answer and that's all that counts)
 It wasn't long until our two confused faces attracted the attention of a worker who took the utmost pity on us and decided to show us what we needed, how much we needed and the fool profest ones they had and fair play to that man for keeping his cool because I couldn't have done it.
When we eventually bought everything but the kitchen sink, and the lampshades and curtains and about ten other essentials we needed we decided right onwards and upwards into Harry Corry to buy curtains...which long story short we're never going to mention again...OKAY?!!!

We began painting straight away and that in itself is something I never want to do again, it's just absolutely not fun at all like not one bit fun, not to mention the big overalls that made us look like we were on a one way mission to mars, it was dreadful but finally the first coat was done and in the morning it started all over again as round two commenced.
 After that it was time to call the mother because lets face it I had absolutely no idea how to stick up wall paper, to be totally honest with you I had just found out it didn't stick itself and you needed a paste so yep, thank God for mothers!!!

Then finally the painting was done, the paper was up and it was time to put the final touches to the room...
And there you have it ...€200 less, two days of stress, and hours of tears later my new and improved bedroom.
I have to say I impressed myself and it just shows what you can do with a friend, a mother and shite load of work. I probably would love my room a little bit more if I didn't then have to spend the next ten days locked inside it with chicken pox but none the less change is good and I'm loving it so far!! 
I also realised this entire post was just to show off my new room so I hope you like it, or else the jokes on me :O